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so last night?

yeah I don't know what I'm thinking right now. I totally went home and cried myself to sleep becasue all my friends needed sleep and I didn't want to wake them boo to that. I feel like shit. SO yeah last might Natalie said she wfelt like this was the beginning of the end and I'm scared because I can totally see it all falling apart. everything was ok till we went to get Katy and Leanne then shit hit the fan and we are all to blame we are consuming ourselves in something we probably should just leave alone. I told Dan last night that if there was ever more drama than he wanted to deal wit we could "take a break" I don't know how he felt. The parade went over well I think for the most part anyways we had to walk behind some horses......................Good luck Natalie I hope you guys give them all a slap in the face I'm sleepy and have poetry to write for this stupid writting class I have. I just want you all to know I love you and I'll always be here no matter what time it is. Natalie you rock my face for finding roarbot!!!!!!! I'm sleepy I think I'm gonna take a nap...natalie keep me posted on the bright eyes tickets baby we are so going to go alright I'm out like condoms in a cheap strip club....I heard that at band today and laughed.

-Sad puppy
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